SEO Jobs

SEO Jobs is an attempt to be seen organically for in-house SEO positions I’ve applied too. This is also a means to showcase my SEO abilities at strategically ranking for keywords and utilizing content to do so in a methodical, data driven and analytical approach.

SEO Management

I’ve led teams of 5 and cross functional international teams to project success. By proper communication, compassion and a desire to collaborate to derive the best solution that will benefit all goal sets!

SEO Strategy

I can analyze, troubleshoot and formulate strategies to achieve desired SEO goals, and KPIs. Utilizing a timeline of deliverables that incorporates research and data to guide me, making problems a sequential formula to be solved.

Technical SEO

I can read and write in HTML, CSS, PHP, Python, JS and SQL. Meaning I can troubleshoot technical issues within these coding languages on websites!

You can find a copy of my resume here!

SEO Jobs I’ve Applied Too

Below are the SEO positions I’ve applied to recently, with a link to the page itself, where I go into detail why I’d be a good fit for this positions and what the requirements were for the job. It’s a good rule of thumb, when ranking a page for organic search, to include context and of course the targeted keywords alongside secondary keywords that help define that contextual relevancy. Internally linking these pages together can further help Googlebot and other searchbots to better understand the purpose of the page and thus how to rank the page in SERPs.

I will be linking out to a page created for each of these positions, to rank for them in hopes I’m seen and request an interview that way, so I can stand out to HR hiring since sometimes they can miss talented applicants with skill and experience like myself!

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