User intent is targeted by SEO using proper user profiling coupled with a keyword research plan. Keywords are everything when it comes to website content, without understand the targeted keyword for each webpage, the overall message can be lost. Once the website message is lost, user web traffic is going to be all over the place. When every webpage has a clear message that is directed towards a focused keyword, then keyword cannibalization issues are avoided and each webpage ranks for the intended keyword. Then it’s a matter of writing the content in a way that appeals to the users that will become potential customers.

Content that is well organized, and to the point is the type of content that will best relate to potential customers. It’s also a great way to get featured snippets on Google, by having well organized content. The proper usage of heading tags coupled with internal links to deeper relevant webpages will further help provide information that could prompt a conversion. Users want to learn more about what they searched about, or else they wouldn’t of searched it, so provide them both a wealth of information that is also easy to digest.

User Profiles Help Provide Ideas For Keyword Research

When you know your users you understand what buzzwords are used and what is of interest. By learning who your potential customers are, you can better create a list of possible sub categories around the targeted niche you may be focusing on that users will be searching for. Then it’s a matter of understanding how to turn those users into potential customers for your website, by using the right content message on webpages. Using the keywords that potential users will be searching for, and crafting content that is to the point with calls to action in them is the goal.

Every potential customer is looking for one of three things when they search online:

  • Information About A Product Or Service – In some way shape or form, information is many times the main reason a user hasn’t become a potential customer. The user needs to know more about the product or service in order to make an informed decision.
  • Which Is The Better Company – The secondary reason many are online sifting through webpages, is to find out which company is going to either give the user the better deal or service in general. Trust factors play heavily in this decision and often websites in efforts to get users to call leave many questions to be asked, while competitors answer those questions and prompt users into potential customers via calls to action.
  • Content To Use or Digest – While not really potential customers, these users will find your website from searching almost the same keyword phrases. IF web content isn’t researched and crafted to user intent, goal conversions could suffer.

Content Relevancy Improves Click Through Rate

When user profiles are used to create lists of keywords potential customers are searching, then a plan of action can be crafted for content relevancy. Organizing webpages in hierarchies that best relay levels of intent and interest will provide users with the information they need in easy to find locations. Using internal linking and menus to connect each webpage together when the content calls for it, will give users a sense or authority and trust in the subject matter talked about. These trust factors will further increase the likelihood of properly crafted calls to action resulting in conversions.

When each webpage is crafted with the purpose of delivering information in understandable sections, users will be more likely to keep engaging with the content. It’s that simple, users call , click or buy when information makes sense, provides value and connects to further relevant information via internal links. The new customer service is information connection, and the better a website can do such, the more targeted goal conversions are had.

It’s not just about giving the people what they want in a creative or informative way. It’s about giving them what they need as a result of what they are looking for. Many times, we focus on the end result and not the journey, when that’s the part many have trouble with in the 1st place.

Does Your Website Focus On User Intent?

If you believe your website has an issue with user intent, contant SEOByMichael and have a professional SEO audit and consultation.