What is on page SEO? It’s aspects of a website, that website owner has control over directly. These are the variables on a webpage that search engine bots use to gather the data needed to send to RankBrain so relevancy score and keyword rankings can be applied. There is much more that happens behind the scenes, but that is the basics of how relevancy and keyword ranking score is applied, many will claim to know this and that, but honestly, that’s the search engine’s proprietary business model, that’s not going to be given that away.

On page SEO is not to be confused with Off page SEO, which is talking about the SEO factors that a website owner does not have direct control over. Many times when off page SEO is being talked about, people mean backlinks, brand perception, trust factors and social media interactions. These factors of SEO are not something websites can have direct influence over if following whitehat SEO strategy which is to follow search engine guidelines. Ethics in marketing are a real problem, and leading by example is one way indirectly influence off page SEO by improving trust factor.

So What Are On Page SEO Factors?

On page SEO factors are important to understand, but also it’s important to understand that all of the SEO on a website and SEO off a website play a part, directly and indirectly. These factors are weighted more than some, however, neglecting the less weighted SEO variables, can come back to harm a website’s organic traffic. It’s very tempting to follow blackhat SEO tactics, since the results seem to work, however it’s a matter of time and money, since these results have a expiration date, once a search engine figures it out, that tactic won’t work an a new one needs to be deployed as well as the old blackhat SEO tactic cleaned up, if not recovery from any penalties that created.

On page SEO factors can be limited to:

  • URL Structure
  • Internal Linking
  • Canonical URL
  • Redirecting 404 Pages
  • Meta Data
  • Header Tags
  • Content Relevancy
  • Mobile Optimization
  • Load Speed
  • User Interface Optimization
  • Image Optimization

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