What is content relevance? When the context of a webpage explains the definition or meaning of a targeted keyword, that’s content relevance. Searchbots use this as a huge part of what keywords they compare a website to other websites for measurement. When content isn’t purpose driven, and straight to the point. Users and searchbots get the wrong message and don’t use the website as intended. Messages and information don’t get digested and the whole row of SEO dominoes falls. Content relevancy is an on page SEO factor, since it directly plays a role with how your website ranks for keywords and it’s something under the website owners control.

Explaining what the overall keyword for each webpage is, helps to serve two huge purposes.

  • Helps searchbots understand what synonyms and variations further support content to help define the keyword relevance of the webpage.
  • Helps users understand questions they might of had about the keyword naturally, as well provides a sense of trust and authority, since it’s professional to stand behind knowledge.

Good Content Relevance Means Ranking More Organic Keywords

When webpage content is crafted with the right mix of keywords, synonyms and variations, searchbots and users alike have further information to establish content comprehension. Instead of questions users have after reading, they are left with buzzwords used to further define the webpage subject matter. Searchbots understand synonyms and variations of keywords. So when used, searchbots will flag a webpage the chance to rank for those search terms when users search for them.

It’s that simple, if keywords aren’t used, a webpage just will not rank for it. websites are competing against millions of other websites to rank for keywords. When no mention of a keyword is used in the content or meta tags, searchbots have no way to relate the webpage to the keyword. Synonym or not, without the keyword usage, there is no chance to rank for popular search terms. Note, ” popular ” since ranking for unpopular terms can be easy.

Problem is, unpopular keywords are just that, unpopular. So the trick is, using keywords with your content that explains, and creates a visual picture in your user’s mind. Since the more, the webpage explains the overall keyword, the more likely goal conversions will be had. Also, searchbots will get all the signals they need to determine content relevancy.

If you feel your website has a content relevancy issue

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