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With more than 5 years experience with SEO, Web Development & Design, understanding why a website isn't living up to expectations is only a matter of investigating and making sure that the customer / user is taken into the highest consideration in regards to content, navigation and how the average user sees your website. By using the following, we'll get your website back on track.

Search Engine Optimization ( SEO )

We evaluate, audit and apply corrective measures to solve most web traffic issues. By using analytical data and user profiles and content audits we can determine the best course of action.

Google Webmaster Tools & Analytics

If you're not using these two products from Google, you're missing out on lots of important information that will assist you in improving your website's traffic, if you don't have these, we'll set them up for you.

Brand Identity

Your brand is your company, we create content for your users about your brand, giving further value to your customers to engage with. We want to get you the web traffic that converts.

Website Audit

Many times websites only have a few issues holding them back from ranking, other times it's much more involved, the best way to know the health of your website is to do an audit to see what is working and what isn't within Google's guidelines. We have experience with customizing & develolping Wordpress, Drupal, Mura, Joomla, eCommerce platforms like Magento, Opencart and BigCommerce.

Adwords & Other Advertising

Even if you don't sell anything or even if you sell locally, a properly planned adwords strategy can help put your website in front of more people who may find it useful, this can also assist new sites in gaining traffic that could become regular traffic. Also depending on what your site is about, other mediums like twitter or facebook could provide useful as well, all depends on who your users are and what they do online.

Content Writing

A major issue with ranking your website when users search is to make sure you're using the right keywords in your content and that those keywords are popular, that they are most likely search terms used that would indicate purchase intent and finally that you're using the right keywords for the right pages. We can map out the different types of users your site attracts and develop content best suited for them.

About us

From an early age working inside my family's restaurant I've been exposed to what a business needs in order to thrive. After serving in the Air Force I was quickly attracted to the world of online business and what it takes to appeal to customers. Creating websites became fun and challenging and when Google changed how website appear in search results I became more interested in SEO and what goes into the algorithms of search engines.

Using experiences from advertising agencies, The House of Representatives, and various other clients, I've gathered a comprehensive understanding of how to polish a website and make it really shine. Anyone can make changes and hope they help, but when you make changes based on data from analytics, audits, research. experience and elsewhere, you know what is needed to better deliver solutions that will work.



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Michael Williams

CEO & Founder

SEO & SEM Specialist, Web Developer & Designer, Air Force Veteran

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Pricing Table

All pricing is based off a $40.00 an hour wage and has been bundled into four highly desired packages.

Customized Contracts can be created upon request.



10 hours monthly at $40/hr rate

  • Website SEO Audit - With corrective solutions.
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20 hours monthly at $40/hr rate

  • Website SEO Audit - With corrective solutions.

  • Webmaster Tools &
    Analytics Monitoring

  • Backlink Audit

  • Steps for Improvement
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40 hours monthly at $40/hr rate

  • Website SEO Audit - With corrective solutions.

  • Webmaster Tools &
    Analytics Monitoring

  • Backlink Audit

  • Steps for Improvement

  • Keyword Audit & Ranking Report
  • Content Audit

  • Web Presence / Competitor Audit
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