Technical SEO factors have to deal with the parts of search engine optimization that handles crawling and indexing of a website. These searchbot factors aren’t as easy to understand as content relevancy and keyword research, they have to deal with concepts that require a bit more technical understanding in html, js, php coding and even knowledge of data analytics and content management system database usage. These aspects of SEO are very in-depth and require previous skill sets and experience to understand and relate properly to SEO to figure out actionable insight. If done right, technical SEO will help improve website crawling and thus website indexing, by optimizing the interactions between search engine bots and websites.

Not paying attention to the technical aspects of SEO can result in competitors having the edge on your brand and website keywords. Technical SEO can be seen as “crossing your t’s and dotting your i’s”, it’s that extra step you would normally take to prevent any missed revenue left on the table, it’s doing your due diligence. These technical issues might not seem like much, but each issue has its own problems that are caused, when they are left unchecked. Any professional SEO will see these issues, and quickly make note to fix, as if it was a missing meta title or poor menu structure.

Technical SEO Involves:

  • Searchbot Crawling Optimization – Everything from url structure, code, meta tags sitemaps xml & html to internal linking, to how meta tags are set up, if you are missing or even have just one of these variables miss-configured, you could be the reason Googlebot isn’t indexing your website. This is where understanding technical SEO really comes in handy.
  • Website Indexing Optimization – Without monitoring website indexing, it’s hard to gauge how search engines are viewing your website, this matters for everything from keyword ranking to organic traffic. From 404 errors, 301s and 500 error fixes to crawling errors and warning, these issues can prevent website indexing, which prevent keyword ranking and organic traffic!
  • Server Access Log Analyzing – You can learn when searchbots are seeing your website content by analyzing these log files, figure out trouble spots and exactly what webpage and what web bot is crawling.
  • Website Load Speed OptimizationRunning a google page speed insight scanner isn’t hard, taking that information and making improvements can be, this is where technical SEO can reward your website.
  • Code Syntax Optimization – Akin to load speed optimization, common syntax typos can create havoc on a website, understanding what to look at and where it’s at, is important! Mistakes in the header can prevent the loading of vital elements needed for SEO.
  • Redirection OptimizationRedirects are needed, however, after a long period of time and multiple users, the 301 list is going to get pretty large and even outdated, meaning, you’re ADDING time to website load speed and possibly even redirecting to the wrong page, costing keyword ranking and web traffic.
  • Historical Analytics Research – From past penalties that could be holding a website back to when or if the site moved to https, looking into historical issues that appear over time, showing where users may be having issues with the website and where changes are needed, the data tells a story.

How Is Your Website’s Technical SEO?

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