Off page SEO has to do with any ranking factors and search engine optimization factors that are NOT in the control of the website owner or webmaster, these SEO factors are not like on page SEO, since the webmaster is unable to directly influence the mediums where the off page ranking factors are found. Many times, these factors can play a big part in keyword ranking and ultimately website organic traffic in general.

Despite the webmaster or website owner having direct access to off page SEO, many services will try and sell every competitive edge in this area of SEO, when simply, it’s a blackhat tactic that will eventually need to be fixed, and you can bet, that blackhat SEO service, will not help you undo bad SEO practices. Also Google penalizes blackhat SEO tactics, and often isn’t worth the quick boost you might see, initially, as once Google decides to act, they often do so in a storm of actions, known as an ” Algorithm Update “.

Off-Page SEO Ranking Factors:

  • Backlink OptimizationWhen external websites, link to your website, it’s called a backlink, and google considers it an act of trust and improves your keyword ranking if it’s from a trusted website.
  • Brand Perception – While you have control over your brand, and the way it looks on your website and in social media, you don’t have the ability to control any press releases or commenting that may be occurring about your brand, however you can send brand ambassadors to help combat any negative perception.
  • Social Media Engagement – Social media interactions and reviews, are considered off-page SEO, since you cannot directly influence it, but still affects the way Google and other search engines, view your website.
  • Keyword Popularity – If you’re not using the keywords users are searching for, then why would you expect to see any website traffic? Using the right keywords is a good part of SEO, however, public dynamics shift, linguistics is an evolving art.
  • Citation OptimizationWhen sites like yelp, and random directories scrape your website, depending when they do this, could mean there is old information laying around, sending potential users to the wrong place, frustrating them and thus sending them into the arms of a competitor.

Are You Monitoring Off Page SEO?

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