SEO is one of the most important growth industries that emerged from the dawn of the internet and webpages. Since digital marketing has been a thing, search engines have needed to figure out ways to serve users the websites they asked for via the search queries they enter. Search engine optimization is a website’s number one strategy for organic web traffic. To keep relevant and ranking above competitors for valued search queries, websites need to focus on keyword usage based on user intent.

SEO Ranking Factors Like:

  • Onpage SEO Factors – SEO variables that website owners have control over.
    • Technical SEO – SEO variables that relate heavily with website crawling and indexing.
  • Offpage SEO Factors – SEO variables that website owners have NO control over.
    • Backlink Optimization – How other websites link to your website matters.
    • Citation Management – The information listed on directories could be costing trust and potential customers.
    • Social Media Engagement – The lack of a social media presence can cause a company to appear fake or non existent.
    • Brand Perception – Negative reviews, unanswered questions and a Google My Business that isn’t optimized can create a negative outlook of any brand.
  • SEO Audits – The basic SEO audits every website should be using, plus more for technical SEO.

Not understanding the inter-connectivity of SEO in all its forms will cause problems with your website traffic, since your website won’t be seen in SERPs to even get the organic traffic you want. SEO factors can directly affect organic traffic and keyword rankings, or it can indirectly affect website traffic. Each SEO factor is connected to one another in various ways indirectly or directly through out the process of crawling, indexing and ranking website keywords.

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