Heading tags are widely misunderstood, let’s try and clear that up. Heading tags also known as ” h tags ” or the commonly used SEO h tag ” h1 tags “, are just bold, statements meant to encompass the summary of the paragraph content below. Each heading tier is meant to be used as an outline titling of your content.

So since there are 6 heading tags, the 1st one is the parent, and all others are the children, each one to be used when you need to convey a smaller subgroup. Mainly h1 and h2 tags will be used, but normally throughout a website, all heading tags will be used, if properly configured.

Below are the heading tags 2 through heading tag 6, the heading tag 1, is always used as the webpage page title, for SEO purposes, otherwise you run the risk of search engine bots not seeing what keyword they need to find relevancy for, thus, you’re website, will not rank for the keywords you want.

Heading 2 Tag

The heading 2 tag is used to organize and convey the main sections of your webpage content, often using secondary keywords, is the best way to help search engine bots discover contextual relevancy in your content, and thus rank your website better for desire keywords.

Heading 3 Tag

The heading 3 tag is used to support the heading 2 tag content, and is often used as a subgroup title, when context is still within the heading 2 section. For SEO purposes, using supporting keywords found associated with the desired keyword often helps add further contextual relevancy.

Heading 4 Tag

The heading 4 tag is used to mainly further define content, with needing to keep nesting inside the content relevance hierarchy. The heading 4 tag and the heading 5 tag aren’t used as often as they should be, due to many just not understanding their purpose.

Heading 5 Tag

The heading 5 tag is used to describe children items of sub-sub groups, this is the second to last heading tag tier there is, and many times it’s not used, however for organizational purposes and search engine bot effeciency, it’s recommended, since every bit of defining information you provide to search engine bots allows for better content keyword matching and thus keyword ranking improvement and all the organic web traffic that follows.

Heading 6 Tag

Used rarely when there is a need to have a well define sub group, and you have content long enough that the heading 4 and 5 weren’t enough, it happens. It will only benefit SEO to have these heading tags in proper use, and your users will thank you, as long as it’s organized and worded right.

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