The Client

An addiction center had issues with filling local beds due to competitors. PPC spend was high and also sporadic due to Google cracking down on fake centers with high authenticity requests.

The Challenge

Find out:

  • What was causing the lack of local visibility
  • Address the keyword / content connection with competitors
  • Find out what users were searching for and how content aligns
  • Look into analytical data and understand user engagement

What Was Done?

Using analytical data:

  • Keyword research to align content to user search terms
  • Content improvements to layout and content
  • Meta tags and other basic SEO adjustments to alt tags
  • Plugin optimizations to adjust SEO factors
  • Reindexed all changes and tracked keyword rankings
  • Negative keywords were added to Adwords campaign and overall budget was reduced.

The Results

  • The client had moved from page 5 and beyond to pages 1-3 for 100s of their targeted keywords after 3 months
  • Improved website indexing
  • Which increased overall organic visibility and engagement
  • Local traffic increased by 100% on average for the 3 targeted areas
  • Goal conversions increased by 72% in just 6 months
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