URL structure is the way the domain, webpage and any subpages all combine to form an address, often called a URL Address, this url address is structured based off folders and subfolders, when you have a messy url structure and nothing is organized, you are not showing users and searchbots proper relevancy and crawl pathing. It also can cause some trust factor issues, when a user sees domain.com/clothing-for-sale/freezers/ as it’s not really something I’d call professional.

When you have a properly designed URL structure, categories and sections on your website, make more sense, and are better understood by the user, this also makes subpage content easier to digest and comprehend. Also when your URL structure is defined properly, your xml sitemap just reads easier. You could consider url structure an on page seo factor, since it plays a part in SEO and is directly in the control of the site owner and webmaster.

Proper URL Structure Makes SEO Easier

When you have all the related subpages grouped by the same parent folder, if you ever need to change a section’s name or completely remove a section, it’s much easier to do so, since one htaccess rule handling all the subfolders of a parent folder can be applied. Otherwise you’d have to crawl and hunt down every URL in question and make a change.

Also, when you’re using a user readable url structure, you can work with the keyword relevancy internal linking much easier, since urls are predictable and easily laid out. Site architecture isn’t often talked about, but it’s pretty important in it’s own ways as mentioned above. If you feel your website could use some url structure optimization, contact SEOByMichael today for a website audit!