What is Google product management? It’s the setup, optimization and monitoring of Google’s products for website SEO. Google has a host of applications for free to use in order to help a website monitor traffic, use paid advertisements, insert code, optimize crawling and website indexing. Not using Google’s basics like search console, GoogleMyBusiness and analytics can result in a poor search presence. As well as miss out on actionable insights from data or crawling errors.

The following types of management for Google products are among the most popular for SEOs and marketing:

  • Google Search Console Management – A free application that helps a website monitor, maintain and troubleshoot website visibility as it appears in Google Search.
  • Google Analytics Management – A free application that allows a website to track, analyze and troubleshoot issues relating to website traffic and user engagement.
  • Google My Business – A free application that allows a business to highlight important information that will show up when a brand search is done.
  • Google Tag Manager – A free application that allows a website to add code via tags and triggers for various functionality purposes.
  • Google Adwords – A paid application that allows a website to manage, monitor and troubleshoot paid ads on Google Search.

Google Products Need To Be Monitored

Each Google application provides a functionality that is beneficial to a website. With the exception of Google tag manager, each app monitors a website and provides data if it’s being used. This data can be actionable, it’s important to make changes based on Google’s data provided, since this will either improve web traffic or goal conversions. Often Google will display errors or warnings in search console that can improve website indexing when corrected. This is just one example of the many ways data from Google can provide helpful insights.

When websites monitor their Google products important historical information can be learned. A single piece of data will tell a statement, but a series of data will tell a story. By reading the data, information like poor performing webpages and content that engages users can be seen. This kind of information is vital to improving a website’s search presence. Without knowing what works and what isn’t based on web traffic metrics a website is optimizing for organic web traffic blind. Every SEO should be using data from search engine products like Google search console and Google Analytics, to make decisions for a website.

Google Products Need Optimization Too

If a website has used Google’s products for a long period of time, there is a good chance some issues may be present. Inside each product of Google’s is a interface with many bells and whistles. A lot of times, businesses just set up these products from default and never make any changes. Each platform needs to be optimized to either make data easier to read or improve functionality of the product. Things like negative keywords added to Adwords to cut down costs of showing ads to unrelated searches. Adding filtered views to Google analytics to keep the ” All Web Data ” view as an historical untouched data copy. And even setting up the right domain variation in search console.

Some could say that Google product optimization could be a full time job. Since there are always useful segments and filters to create and ways to view data. When optimization for Google products aren’t done, websites miss out. All too often have businesses added filters to Google analytics ” All web data ” view, only to not create a backup view. So that website lost out of unfiltered data, that could of told a story alongside the filtered view data. SEO uses data from various locations based on the overall issue at hand. When data is lost it’s like trying to see in the dark, you know what should be there, but are 100% sure.

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