An SEO Audit can be just one basic audit to check for issues holding back the SEO of your website. Or it can be a comprehensive series of in depth audits, that focus on various elements of a website. A basic SEO audit, will look into the on page SEO factors preventing searchbots from seeing webpage relevancy with the keywords you want to rank for. As well as off page SEO factors, like the brand’s perception, general look into backlinks, social media and even things like seasonality, holidays and current events that could be affecting the traffic that may not of been considered before.

Don’t use those web SEO audits, where all you have to do is enter a url and get a report. If SEO was that easy, you wouldn’t be reading this information here. Don’t be fooled by flashy reports, know what you’re looking at and how to fix it for good! When an SEO does a real SEO audit on a website, the Search Quality Raters Guide, also know as the 200+ ranking factors are looked at. You don’t get that kinda of detailed auditing with a web based checker, you get what you pay for basically. SEO is no different than any other service, pay in what you expect to get out.

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SEO Audits can be single basic audits, or a series of in-depth technical audits, like an:

  • Technical SEO AuditThis audit looks for any issues in the code and back end side of your website, where many agencies and freelance SEOs tend to miss or not know about.
  • Content Relevancy Audit – This audit studies the content on each page, how it answers user’s questions, and relates with the main menu, keywords targeted and find any issues within the content itself.
  • Keyword Optimization Audit – This audit, looks for any problems with how keywords are being used, and what keywords are even being focused on, since, some keywords may seem great, but often users just aren’t using that spelling or phrase.
  • Backlink AuditThis audit looks for any issues with backlinks from possible competitors sending spammy backlinks to your website, or perhaps a previous agency or freelance SEO bought some blackhat backlinks in the past and they need to be disavowed.
  • AMP Optimization Audit – This audit, looks for issues preventing Google from indexing your amp pages, from code issues, to problems with logo size, without this kind of audit, you might not be reaching your mobile audience.
  • Analytics Audit – This audit looks into how and if your analytics are setup properly, since, this matters, if you ever need to look into historical data and it’s not there, or you aren’t tracking the right things you want to be.
  • Search Console Audit – Whether it’s for Google or Bing, a lot can be learned about the health of a website in relation to the search engine trying to rank on. From indexing errors to fix to linked websites to how mobile and AMP pages are being crawled. The data is there and it’s free, so why aren’t you using it?
  • Conversion Rate Optimization Audit – This audit, looks at how users are interacting with the webpage goals, and often why they aren’t interacting, checking for issues from users not seeing the phone number clearly or often to even missing calls to action in the body of content.

If your website doesn’t get the amount of organic web traffic you think it should be, there could be issues harming your website’s SEO.

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