The position I applied for at KEAP was the SEO Manager job listing. I found this listing on LinkedIn and felt I was a good fit, I have about 5 years experience working on SEO for global SaaS businesses and really enjoy that niche!

Currently this page ranks 3rd for “KEAP SEO Manager”

10+ Years in SEO

I have worked for agencies with 400 active clients, The House of Representatives, Global SaaS companies and freelanced for the last 15 years! I couple that experience with SEO best practices to deliver organic traffic success!

SEO Management

I’ve managed teams of up to 5 other SEOs, where I taught, trained and help grow their careers! I’ve also led international cross functional teams on higher detailed and impactful website projects, from website migrations to multi-language SEO implementation.

Data-Driven SEO Expert

I rely heavily on data, since it is crucial to SEO success, from a multitude of sources, like Google search console, Google Analytics, SEMrush, AHREFs, Google trends, and also SEM manager to name a few. Without data utilization, you really are working in the dark.

Currently looking for SEO Director to SEO Manager positions

  • 10+ years of hands-on experience in search engine optimization
  • Has a constant pulse on the latest standards and algorithmic updates in SEO
  • Excellent written and oral skills to lead and guide a team of SEO professionals
  • A passion to educate, nurture and grow coworkers to empowerment
  • The ability to create process documents and mentor coworkers in SEO best practices
  • Technical SEO and enterprise level development expertise
  • International and large-scale website experience
  • Proficient in SQL / MySql
  • Proficient using .aspx, .php, and .jsp
  • I have been Google Ads certified, however most global companies don’t put Organic Search in the same wheelhouse as Paid Search, since they’re two completely different animals, hence term difference. Paid search relies heavily on purchased placement in organic mediums, but are not organic by any means. They also only make up about 20% to 30% of a website’s traffic if you’re lucky, where as SEO deals solely with organic page rankings and keyword strategy, where placement in SERPs is reliant on 200+ ranking factors and Technical, Onpage and Offpage SEO strategy.

You can find a copy of my resume here!

The SEO Manager Role At KEAP

Are you someone with a high degree of intellectual curiosity, never settling for the status quo, and always eager to solve the next problem? The Growth Marketing team is seeking an experienced and results-driven Search Engine Optimization professional who will be responsible for developing and implementing SEO strategies and best practices to grow website traffic, new leads, and customers to Keap. In this role, the SEO manager plays a strategic role in influencing the direction of our content marketing, social media, and paid media programs. Keap has been on a strong trajectory in driving organic visibility and is looking for a superstar to elevate us even further.

The Work

  • Observe performance trends on a daily basis to understand organic search performance across Keap’s web properties.
  • Identify areas of growth in key pillars of SEO, including technical, on and off-page SEO.
  • Help shape content marketing strategy with keyword-based research and recommendations.
  • Run SEO test & learn program to evaluate new approaches to improve page rank.
  • Stay up to date with recent trends in SEO to continually gain a competitive edge.
  • Perform granular traffic and conversion analyses across the website to gain insight into keyword and landing page performance.
  • Competitive benchmarking to understand the strengths and weaknesses of Keap’s current strategy.
  • Optimize internal linking structures to maximize rankings across our keyword targets.
  • Collaborate with Content Marketing and Organic Social team to grow overall content distribution velocity and effectiveness.
  • Share performance updates across the Marketing team regularly.
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