What exactly is SEO for voice search? It’s optimizing a website to be easily found be searchbots and processed for relevant voice searches. Very useful for local businesses to be seen and heard for local service queries like food ordering, locksmiths and other possible services. In a world where many are using search engines, not only for research, and shopping, but also in demand services. Using natural language phrases, with a heavy lean on question based content, will greatly improve organic web searches and also voice searches. With around a quarter of all voice searches having intent for local business, it’s more important for websites to pay attention to how web content is organized and displayed.

Voice search benefits long tail keywords, because people rely more intent via statement structure rather than short tail keywords. If someone searches for ” Big Apple ” it’s a little hard to know if they mean the place, the fruit, or something else. If someone searches for ” Directions to big apple “, ” How big can an apple grow? ” or ” How’d Apple Inc. get so big? “. The context is easier to convey when users speak, because it’s often how people learn to connect meaning to words in the 1st place to talk. Rankbrain and searchbots understand these statements, as machine learning is taking place with every search. Context is being understood due to success of resulting click through rates. Proper keyword research is key to a well crafted webpage to be seen for voice search queries!

How Does A Website Optimize For Voice Search?

By using the questions and answers in the content that is organized by structured relevancy. Just like you would try to optimize for featured snippets, talking about the content in the way users are searching for and speaking about the content is going to be the best strategy to deploy. This is why user profiling and data is so valuable in our new digital world. Understanding how users speak and interact with a subject matter, will greatly increase the odds of marketing success. Proper user optimization included making sure content includes voice search phrases, since feature snippets can also be a result of such efforts.

Targeting the who, why, where, which, what, when, how and are of content will greatly improve the odds of being picked up for voice searches. Using natural language phrases is the main goal, while incorporating the various ways the content could be talked about, while also delivering something of value to the readings and listeners. When you target question based queries, you end up targeting user intent you would want. The questions will greatly determine why the search queries are being done and why the user even is visiting your website. When you craft content around that, users find the exact information they seek, and are much more likely to convert!

More Information Equals More Conversions

Users want immediate results, when users can find all the information they need on a topic of interest or intent, trust is built and the likelihood of a goal conversion increases. The way this information is setup matters, structure data is one way for searchbots to find the information and understand relevance for local business information. But content is going to be how to rank for those question based voice searches around special items like food and services. Structure data will help you get the general information out, but not anything customized, normally what makes a business even desirable.

This is why the content message is increasingly important, how and what information about a business matters so much and the placement that many businesses will go bankrupt without. It’s that important to deliver the proper message to your users, and without that message, there is no hope of leveraging content for a sale, if users can’t even understand what a business even does. Users will not just call because they can’t find the information, that tactic has sailed, and users know another website listing the information they want is just a click away. So don’t be that website and make sure you are setting your potential customers up for success!

Is Your Website Optimized For Voice Search?

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