We’re not talking about blackhat, greyhat or whitehats. This article is all about how in order to do good SEO, many skillsets are required. From website indexing optimization to content marketing, reading data to even understand keyword research can become perplexing. Understand how to read data and how that data transforms into an actionable website solution is crucial to any SEO campaign.

When problems arise that could affect SEO go unnoticed the result can be catastrophic. That’s why more an more articles talk about how SEO and programing are becoming future-proof assets. Technical understanding in SEO can help make the job more efficient. Seeing problems before they become repairs needed not only saves time but money as well.

SEO Often Gets Lost In Translation

Communication between departments is vital to a overall SEO success strategy. Since the lifetime of an SEO project spans the whole website lifetimes and many redesigns thereafter. When websites are made, often they’re outsourced to an agency or even a freelancer, only to come back with SEO holes in them. Having an SEO who also understands web development can help highlight issues in the development phase. Leaving no room for unforeseen hurdles to organic marketing later on.

Even website builds inside of agencies can result in opinions not being considered. So when SEOs are able to relate with various members of the production team, aspects of the website in relation to search visibility can be more freely explained. Instead of this disconnected production team having to listen to ” demands ” of the marketing team, more diverse SEOs can connect and explain with concepts that matter to both teams, further bridging the divides.

Knowing SEO Hazards Promotes Prevention

The old saying, ” an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure ” is very true with SEO. When SEOs understand content marketing, user optimization, website development, and even cybersecurity SEO problems start to expand into not just search engine related areas. Things like XSS exploits, layout problems, user agent manipulation and referral analytics spam is seen faster. The wrong decision could be the right loophole for someone to exploit.

Before websites are launched, proofreading sessions are done to find any typos and bugs. Having savvy minds who can see potential problems preventing searchbots from crawling or even contextual relevance from being established can come in handy. Otherwise that could be an issue that doesn’t get addressed until keywords are seen not ranking, then there needs to be a content audit done when it could of been handled much earlier.

Solving SEO Problems Requires Diverse Skills

Sometimes solving a particular problem on a website holding back SEO can require a lot of overhead. Just like taking a car to a mechanic could result in spending $800 bucks to determine a $40 bolt was the best fix. Website SEO repair can end up costing much more just to solve the actual problem. That’s not counting the fumbling around in the dark if the agency or freelancer under retainer isn’t as technically diverse as they claim.

Having multiple web development skills for an SEO can help highlight such issues during the audit and contract phase, so there are no surprises. Educating the client about preventing further SEO issues is also an added benefit of understanding how web development impacts SEO. No matter the size of website, having that understanding would of prevented many SEO problems.

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