Need some tips to turn website traffic into goal conversions? Often websites have the content and don’t see the web traffic turn into goal conversions. Often it’s a matter of not making sure a few variables are being checked off. A good website is like a recipe, when even one thing is off the end result will differ slightly. Sometimes that can be a great tasting new mistake, but often it just results in a website bringing in mediocre web traffic and no goal conversions. There is salvation though, conversion rate optimization can help remedy trouble spots preventing user traffic from turning into customers.

5 Goal Conversion Tips To Consider Are:

Understand Who Your Customer Is

Each website seeks to target s specific group of users and as a result needs to understand what the focus of each relevant user will be. Otherwise wasted effort is spent on content that isn’t attracting converting traffic, which is wasting website ROI. Each specific user is after a certain motive, normally each user is looking for more information about the landing page title, since this is the whole reason searchbots chose your webpage to be the user’s possible destination. Deliver clear information, that’s straight to the point, and follow it up with a call to action!

Create Content That Entertains Or Informs

Your users are looking to either be entertained or informed about a subject. If your website can’t do that, why is it online, what is the overall goal? If the goal is to sell a product or service, you want to inform your potential customers! If the goal is to gain followers and likes, you want to entertain, which could be information as well, just presented differently.

The overall concept remains true, deliver content that speaks to the user base that will turn into goal conversions. Keyword research and content planning play a HUGE part in creating a webpage that entices a user enough to convert into a goal. Content relevancy is the way you even get that webpage to make sense to both searchbots and potential customers alike.

Make Contacting And Purchasing EASY

One thing that is still seen widely online is the lack of contact information. While you don’t need annoying popup boxes and chatbots, it’s nice to display the info in a few spots that won’t be hard to miss. Consistency is even more important, make sure the phone numbers and address match up! You’d have a website indexing optimization nightmare to sort through later on, when you have webpages indexed for one old location and others indexing for a new location, with a resulting loss of 50% of your overall traffic.

Purchasing is even more important, if it’s not easy, you will lose potential customers after they’ve already decided to buy! The less steps the better, so no forcing too much information, work this into the stages before buying if possible, often through quotes. Internal linking can help remind users of important parts of a service or product to consider before purchase that will add another layer of trust.

When In Doubt Just Test It Out

A / B testing is the best way to figure out the better option when it comes to changing website features. Developing a website is easy, it’s developing a website that will convert user traffic that is the trick. Since your users are the whole reason there is a website, let them help you decide the better option by studying user data. Also known as ” split testings “, A / B tests work by testing difference variations of a website change and monitoring user data to find the best change that was popular with live users. It’s basically a website development focus group in other words.

Using software like heatmapping and user session recording, understanding how users interact with the website can provide a wealth of information. Such as, there is almost never enough contact information available! In general A / B testing will help avoid disastrous decisions when it comes to building a website or a redesign. Many times what developers and designers want to do with a website, is not always best for SEO.

Have A Clear Message To The User

The content on a website needs to have an aligned message that is being conveyed to the user. Whether your website sells something, teaches something, or entertains, the message of the website needs to be clear from all entry points. This is what the brand will relate with and be able to highlight further. When the brand’s message is properly delivered, that becomes a marketing machine in itself.

And if users are understanding the message, so will searchbots understand content relevancy and better rank keywords accordingly. Don’t be some mystery store in the mall where people don’t even know what it is you sell. Stand behind your message to the world and empower your brand!

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