The Client

An ecommerce client needed to find better visibility among its organic market. While also improving the goal conversions of their products, during an increasingly unproductive year.

The Challenge

  • Diagnose what issues are causing the website to not be found as easily for branded and user focused keywords.
  • Understand the user intent behind many of the products being sold and how content matched up
  • See what competitors were doing product and keyword wise and follow what has been working within guidelines

What Was Done?

  • A thorough look into meta robots tags and server access logs to see how searchbots were crawling the site and make a new URL map.
  • After mapping out URLs, user profiles were researched and created to assist with keyword research and content adjustments
  • With keywords aligned to user intent, content was mapped out and adjusted or created to better relate user intent
  • Better CTAs were created to improve user engagement
  • Products were organized to relate with the user’s flow of purchase to not over market items when not needed
  • A very reduced budget was used to target user engagement to product pages only when user intent was present
  • Phone numbers were added to meta descriptions to allow for faster contact for phone ordering or assistance

The Results

  • Webpages indexed increased during the URL restructuring
  • User engagement improved as a result of more webpages being found and product pages ranking better
  • Phonecalls increased by 136% over a 6 month time period.
  • Which increased user sessions to parent product pages
  • Which increased overall goal completions
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