What is off page SEO? It’s any SEO variable that the website owner does not have direct control over. So different from on page SEO, where the website owner can change and control content and design, off page SEO has to deal with things like backlinks, trust factor, brand perception and social media interactions. Off page SEO is a more trickier subject to optimize, since the way you have to go about it will differ based on what you’re trying to optimize.

Off page SEO factors are:

  • Backlinks
  • Brand Perception
  • Social Media Engagement
  • Keyword Popularity
  • Citation Management

Off site SEO is very important, mainly because of backlinks and the way your brand is perceived online, which also ties into trust factor. These variables all play such a major role in off page SEO, that not paying attention to them constantly, WILL prevent organic web traffic from finding your website for the targeted keywords you want. Backlinks are most certainly the biggest factor in off page SEO, mainly because it’s considered a vote of trust by another website, and the more trusted that website is, the bigger that vote of trust is.

How Do You Optimize Off Page SEO?

To optimize off page SEO, it’s important to do a backlink audit, and figure out what is good and what is bad, if you find some really bad sites, it’s possible that you may need to disavow them, however, this is such a delicate task, that if done wrong, WILL cause harm to a website’s visibility online. Make sure a professional SEO is to be consultant or employed to carry out such a task, as many businesses have seen their website traffic and keywords drop within a week, from a bad disavow job, where they basically told Google to ignore beneficial backlinks.

Brand Perception, Social Media Interaction, Video Interactions and other Trust Factors are more public relationship management tasks, where answering user’s public questions they may have left online or commenting on negative reviews in a positive manner. It’s all about trying to figure out why users were unhappy and find a way to appease them publicly but also generally so the issue doesn’t happen further. Reputation management is a vital part of SEO and will only continue to become such, as more and more people rely on other people’s reviews to judge a new company.

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