Local SEO has changed so much that the number one position in SERPs for any given keyword will not be the same if searched a mile or more away, sometimes even under a mile. This is due to the dynamic local search that Google has implemented over the last few years. This change has happened so subtly, that many businesses don’t even know it’s a real thing.

That’s why some SEOs are still selling the tired of mantra of ” We’ll rank you number 1 “. When locally, that’s just not going to happen, the competition of keyword relevancy verses location is constantly changing. Of course some first steps for local SEO is to make sure a website has Google My Business setup. That schema is in place, especially ” local business schema ” which will help a business build the knowledge panel in SERPs when brand searches are done.

No Software Currently Beats Manual SERPs Checks

100 bucks a month is a lot of money to ask for, when the service you’re paying for, isn’t consistent. That’s what’s happening right now with many services for keyword rankings, both locally and abroad. This is due to the dynamic nature of search engine keyword rankings. If search engines allowed their algorithms to stay stagnant, they would lose user traffic. So in efforts to keep users happy and improve search results, updates are made to adjust for real world use cases. One of these was to change how keywords rank for various types of searches. I’m not sure many clients really understand just how dynamic and complex search results can be.

They can change based on the device, location, context and even the date. Because of these dynamic variables, 3rd party software cannot mimic keyword rankings and resort to using proxies. The problem with proxies are they’re not exact. They’re a location near the area you want to search, but they are not the client’s location. This is why the inconsistencies found on 3rd party software sites will not help for local SEO. Only part of the picture is shown, leaving just enough room for competitors to sneak through. So a more accurate view of keyword search results can be seen when a manual search is done. Often the best source for this data would be the client themselves.

Understand How The Competition Ranks For Desired Searches

Proper research is needed for any project. Local SEO requires is even more, since the landscape can vary from keyword phrase, so can the competitors. This means that the top competitors for every keyword phrase needs to be researched into what is working for them for a location to be shown for a keyword. Since every location is different, how Google and other search engines handle the local search results will drastically differ. This will also play into part of a local SEO improvement strategy, to figure out what aren’t good results for keyword phrases and see how a website could leverage that content relevancy gap. Image SEO can be another way to stand out, since images could highlight products or services better and be seen in local packs.

Community Opinion Often Influences Local SEO

So some of the best SEO and marketing in general is from participating in community events. Not only does a business improve and empower local voices, but the amount of brand recognition in such positive light will only add to further organic traffic. The most interesting part of local SEO is, you don’t even need search engines are parts, while SEO is still benefited. This is mainly because local SEO resides in time tested concepts of businesses empowering those around them to in turn make sure the business has continuous customers. Take care of the location that made you basically.

Is Your Website Optimized For Local Search?

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