SEO audits are the only way you’re going to be able to figure out if there is anything on your website preventing search engines from ranking your content and thus not allowing your marketing to fully function correctly. Think about it like this, if you didn’t check the quality of your product, you wouldn’t know if you were giving customers a bad product. Well an SEO audit, is like a quality check for your digital marketing, without such, you don’t know if you’re properly speaking to your potential customers online or not.

Every business needs to do quality checks, but without the proper knowledge of the variable you’re quality checking, you wouldn’t know what to even look for. That’s where a professional SEO is needed. When you’re digital marketing isn’t living up to the hype the previous agency or freelancer SEO might of talked it up to be. Often humans will make mistakes, however, some don’t know as much as they might claim to, and often miss things. That’s where having experiences with multiple websites, and company marketing campaigns comes into play. Knowing all the ways a website can go wrong, is better than trying to prepare for the unexpected.

Technical SEO Audits Can Improve Your Web Traffic

A Technical SEO audit, is just like a regular SEO audit, only it’s focusing on various coding and backend website issues that could be holding back your SEO and thus your digital marketing. Search engine optimization at it’s basic is pretty easy to understand, however, when competitors are in the mix, the basics of SEO are often not enough and every variable matters. This is where having a technical understanding of SEO comes in handy, when you can perform various checks into technical aspects of SEO, often competitors can’t compete and turn to black hat tactics that in the long run, can lead to bankruptcy.

Technical SEO Audits Look For Issues With:

  • Website Load Speed
  • How SearchBots Crawl Your Website
  • Redirection Optimization
  • Code Syntax Optimization
  • Keyword Ranking
  • Historical SEO
  • Server Access Log Analyzing
  • Deep Historcial Analytics Research
  • URL Structure Optimization

Why wait and allow a possible problem to get worse? Contact SEOByMichael and get an SEO Audit for your website today and find that issue, before it becomes a problem tomorrow!